For Adults

The stories are suitable for groups and clubs of all types. A varied programme can be offered to suit the organisation or occasion. Examples would be:

  • Tales of Berkshire
  • Strong Women
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • British Tales like those of the Brothers Grimm
  • As Long Meg, a wandering Tudor storyteller

Fionnaghal is based in Berkshire but will work anywhere. Her fee will reflect the distance to be travelled. The actual fee is negotiable but is about £46 per hour plus travel.

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For Children

As well as schools she works with children and family groups in various locations. You could consider:

  • tree walks, both fact & fictions
  • Imaginative walks where the walkers create the story
  • Using Fionnaghal’s tales as the basis for art or drama
  • Straightforward storytelling for school age children
  • Children’s parties for the over 10’s

Long Meg, the wandering Tudor storyteller, is also available.

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For Schools

Arranging an Arts Week or Book Week then consider having a storyteller. Fionnaghal can tell her tales throughout a school and will arrange stories round a theme if requested.

Rates are available for whole or half days.

For key stage 2 and over she will also tell stories to individual years based on a country, Myths & Legends and some periods of history. If you are within about 3/4 hours drive of Earley these can be on an hourly basis

Workshops on storytelling can be organised for year 4 and above.

Long Meg her Tudor persona is also available either for study of the Tudors or Shakespeare’s World.

Please contact Fionnaghal if you think you could use her in your school. She does have CRB clearance.

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Workshops are available. Contact Fionnaghal for more details.

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